How to install Android apps in Windows 11


By: mads

Published: 11/1/2023

Updated: 1/5/2024

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How to install Android apps in Windows 11

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  • Check if your PC is compatible.

Not all Windows 11 PCs can run Android apps. To check if your PC is compatible, open the Settings app and go toΒ **System > About**. Under β€œSpecifications,” look for β€œProcessor,” β€œRAM,” and β€œVirtualization.” Your PC must have a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and virtualization enabled in order to run Android apps.

  • Enable virtualization

If virtualization is not enabled on your PC, you will need to enable it before you can run Android apps. To enable virtualization, open the Start menu and search for β€œTurn Windows features on or off.” In the Turn Windows features on or off window, scroll down and look for β€œVirtualization.” Check the box next to β€œVirtualization” and click OK. Your PC will restart.

  1. Download WSA (Windows Subsystem for Androidℒ️
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  1. Download WSATools APK Installer
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Searching & Downloading any android app in Windows (After InstallingπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰)

  1. Obtain the app ID:

Search your desired android app on playstore web version to get the id, We will use `instagram` as an example: