Custom LLM in Logseq


By: mads

Published: 11/1/2023

Updated: 1/6/2024

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Custom LLM in Logseq

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Download the Logseq Python Plugin <code>this bridges all python capabilities to logseq</code>:

logseq.order-list-type:: number

sorry image_1695666008223_0.png image does not exist where to download my custom built plugin

Unpack the zip file and let's prepare to Load the plugin

logseq.order-list-type:: number **Remember to activate developer mode to upload a plugin**

sorry image_1695666670282_0.png image does not exist how to activate developer mode

Load up the unzipped folder at this directory **/plugin**

logseq.order-list-type:: number

sorry image_1695667914096_0.png image does not exist loading the unzipped folder


  • go to the root of the unzipped folder in VSCODE and run this commands
  • logseq.order-list-type:: number


  • Clicking the run.bat run the command line

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